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Fethullah GülenFethullah Gülen is affectionately and respectfully called "Hodjaefendi" in the Muslim world. In the rest of the world he is a welcomed as a well-respected contemporary thinker, better known as a democratic figure and social renovator who appeals to the common sense of large masses. The Messenger of God: Muhammad by this respected author has been translated in due time addressing the needs of Russian readers.

Modern civilization calls for new ideas to be thought up and new words to be uttered. It seems as if Fethullah Gülen has been sent to our irresolute and apprehensive world by God Almighty to pronounce these.

Book reviews are all about Fethullah Gülen's works or Gülen related books.

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Title Author Hits
Translating the Qur'an into Action Hüseyin Bingül, The Fountain 3224
Reflections on the Qur’an Tarık Özgür, The Fountain 2844
Jay Willoughby's Review on Essentials of the Islamic Faith Jay Willoughby 11916
Michael Starzinski's Review on Pearls of Wisdom Michael Starzinski 11191
Etga Ugur's Review on Turkish Islam and Secular State: The Gülen Movement Etga Ugur 11584
Ruth Woodhall's Review on The Statue of Our Souls: Revival in Islamic Thought and Activism Ruth Woodhall 11289
Dr. Vitaliy Sheremet's Review On the Messenger of God Dr. Vitaliy Sheremet 10712
A Dialogue of Civilizations Hakan Yesilova 28018
Ahmet T. Kuru's Review on Berna Turam’s Between Islam and the State: The Politics of Engagement Ahmet T. Kuru 13218
Faith, Theology and Service in Peacebuilding Stanley Ridge, The Fountain 6681
The Gülen Movement: Civic Service Without Borders Anwar Alam, The Fountain 5911